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Sin Tos

Antitussive and expectorant syrup for cows, horses, sheep and swine. The mucolitic and expectorant effect of glycerylguaiacolatic ether is added to the recongnized expectorant and secrolitic action of bromhexine. This besides the powerfull antihistaminic action of chlorpheniramine maleate


Each 100 ml contains:

Glycerylguaiacolatic ether 800 mg
Bromhexine hydrochloride 100 mg
Chlorpherinamine chlorhydrate 60 mg
Apple flavour, excipients and distilled water qs ad 100 ml

Clinical Pharmacology:

Powerful antitussive, expectorant, secrolitic and antihistaminic

Indications and Usage:

Cough - Bronchitis - Obstruent catarrhs - Chronic laringitis - General pathologies of the upper respiratory tracks - Respiratory allergies

Dosage and Administration:

General dose: 10 to 15 ml. each 100 kg. twice a day orally administered with a syringe or in the ration

Usual dose (adult animals):

- Horses and cattle: 50 ml twice a day
- Swine: 15 ml twice a day
- Sheep: 10 ml twice a day

Restrictions in Usage:

No slaughtering for human consumption before 15 days of the last administration.. Not to be administered to animals producing milk intended for human consumption

How Supplied:

Bottle with 500 ml

Antitussive-expectorant syrup

Sin Tos