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Injectable anti-inflammatory


Each 100 ml of product contains:
Phenylbutazone 20.00 g
Formulation agents qs ad 100 ml

Clinical Pharmacology:


Indications and Usage:

Arthritis – Osteoarthitis – Arthrosis - Miositis – Myalgias – Rhabdomyolysis – Laminitis – Periarticular inflammations – Tendinitis – Tendosynovitis – Capsulitis – Bursitis – After surgery pain
It relieves acute chronic inflammations related to the muscular skeletal system

Dosage and Administration:

Only slow endovenous administration, 10 ml a day for an adult animal of 500 Kg of live weight Generally the length of the treatment is 5 days, but it can be modified according to the professional criteria

Counterindications and Warnings:

Do not administer to patients with serious liver, heart or kidney pathology or with history of blood dyscrasia
Administer with caution to animals with an allergy history
Manifestations of response to the product should appear 24 hs after administration. If after 5 days of treatment there is no clear response, treatment and diagnosis should be reconsidered
When inflammatory conditions are connected with infections, it is required to provide treatment specific to the infection

Restrictions in Usage:

For exclusive use in sports horses
Animals treated with this product are not to be slaughtered for human consumption

How Supplied:

Ampoule bottle with 50 and 100 ml