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Penicilina Forti

Freeze-dried injectable bactericidal antibiotic


Each ampoule-bottle of powder contains:
Sterile Sodium G Penicillin 30.000.000 I.U.

Each ampoule-bottle of diluent contains: Formulation agents qs ad 48.6 ml

Each 100 ml of the solution contains 60,000,000 I.U. of Sodium G Penicillin (600,000 I.U./ml)

Clinical Pharmacology:

Bactericidal antibiotic

Indications and Usage:

Septicemias – Laryngitis – Pneumonias – Bronchopneumonia – Nephritis – Cystitis – Metritis - Adenitis equina – Gaseous gangrene - Tetanus - Infected wounds - Phlegmon- Actinomycosis - Actinobacilosis. In general for every infectious process caused by germs sensitive to Penicillin

Dosage and Administration:

Endovenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous or intracavitaria administration
For equine, bovine, porcine and ovine:
10000 to 50000 I.U./Kg of live weight (0.02 ml – 0.1 ml/Kg of live weight or 2 ml – 10 ml/100 Kg of live weight) per day divided in 3 or 4 times or following professional advice

Counterindications and Warnings:

Discontinue treatment in sensitive animals. Do not administer to hypersensitive animals.
In case of acute hypersensitivity administer antihistamines, corticoids and epinephrine.
In hypersensitive animals urticaria and anaphylactic shock can occur


It must not be used in animals allergic to penicillin
Do not dilute in vehicles different from: distilled water, physiological solution or a 5% dextrose solution
Do not administer together with bacteriostatics

Restrictions in Usage:

Do not slaughter for human consumption before 8 days from the last administration
Milk is not to be used for human consumption before 7 days from the last administration

How Supplied:

Ampoule bottle with 30000000 I.U. of Sodium G Penicillin
Ampoule bottle with diluents

Bactericidal Antibiotic

Penicilina Forti