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Anabolic injectable with boldenone undecylenate as the basic component


Each 100 ml contains:

Boldenone undecylenate 5 g
Excipients and sterile vehicle qs ad 100 ml

Clinical Pharmacology:

ANA-BOLDE is an anabolic agent of prolonged effect. Most of anabolics are derived from male sexual hormones. Through the use of boldenone undecylenate a marked increase of anabolic activity has been achieved with scarce androgenic action. ANA-BOLDE fosters muscular development, stimulates appetite, increases vigor and improves furcoat. It increases the performance of animals for sports. It is specially indicated for animals submitted to maximum exertion

Indications and Usage:

Loss of weight. Loss of appetite. Low muscular development. Loss of vigor. Convalescence from chronic diseases or from severe parisitism or post-surgical diseases. Overtaining

Dosage and Administration:

1 ml every 50 kg in one intramuscular injection. It is advisable to repeat administration after 20 days and after 40 days

Side Effects:

In growing animals it may lead to ossification of the epiphysis. A certain degree of masculanization and aggressiveness may insue

Restrictions in Usage:

Not to be administered to males intended for reproduction or to pregnant females. Stop administration at least two months prior to assigning females to reproduction

How Supplied:

Ampoule-bottle with 5 ml and 10 ml