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Appetite stimulant and liver protector tablets for horses for oral administration


Each tablet contains:

Cyproheptadine hydrochloride 12.5 mg
Simethicone 25.0 mg
Methionine 250.0 mg
Apple flavour and excipients qs

Clinical Pharmacology:

Combination of an appetite-stimulating anticolinergic, namely cyproheptadine and an essential aminoacid, methionine, exerting lipotropic action, thus protecting hepatic cells from fatty degeneration. The formula is completed by simethicone, which fosters the disappearance of bubbles and tiny gas chambers composed of air and viscous mucus, not easily eliminated without this carminative action

Indications and Usage:

Anorexia - Weight reduction - Convalescence - Cooperating in the treatment of hepatopathies

Dosage and Administration:

Oral administration of two tablets one hour before each ration twice or three times a day

How Supplied:

Bottle containing 40 tablets

Appetite stimulan, ,liver protector and carminative for horses