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Detoxifying injectable liver protector


Each 100 ml contains:
Tyoctic acid 0,5 g
Methionine 5 g
Fructose 50 g
Cyanocobalamine (Vit B12) 0,004 g
Formulation agents qs ad 100 ml

Clinical Pharmacology:

Liver protector – Liver antitoxic

Indications and Usage:

Liver disorders of toxic, nourishing, medicinal origin, bile stasis, liver deficiency

Dosage and Administration:

Horses and Cattle: 20 ml per day during 5 days
Swine and Sheep: 10 ml per day during 5 days


Slow endovenous injectable

How Supplied:

Ampoule-bottle with 100 ml

Detoxifying liver protector