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Electrolytic supplement for oral administration for horses and cattle


Each 100 g contains:

Sodium Clhoride 42 g
Magnesium Chloride 3 g
Magnesium Carbonate 4 g
Sodium Acetate 35 g
Sodium Citrate 4 g
Calcium Chloride 3 g
Potasium Chloride 9 g

Clinical Pharmacology:

Electrolytic supplement

Indications and Usage:

Electrolytic unbalance as a result of any cause (diarrhoea, excessive sweat, colic, etc )

Dosage and Administration:

Usual dose: 1 or 2 level measures a day for adult animals.

This dose can be altered according to the professional┬┤s criterion in each individual case

Dissolve in the drinking water (15 litres) 1 level measure (60 g)

It can also be administered dissolved in water through the nose with a probang or added directly into the ration

How Supplied:

Bottle of 600 g, 1.2 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 12 Kg of the product including dose measure

Electrolytic supplement